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New Book:

What’s the Story? Artists talking about original Printmaking

Kay Green, Nicolette Howard & Lesley Samms

Art Promoter Lesley Samms of Pure Arts Group, researcher Nicolette Howard and writer/editor Kay Green spent the spring/summer of 2012 visiting professional fine art printmakers in their studios and asking them about their career paths and their ways of working.  The result is this fascinating collection of words and images, along with advice from the experts on the creation, buying, selling, display and conservation of original art prints.

With Contributors:

Amanda Averillo

Mychael Barratt RE

Dawn Cole

Elizabeth Gilmore

Brenda Hartill RE

Katherine Jones

Frank Kiely

Marina Kim

Anita Klein PPRE, Hon.RWS

Kenton Lowe

Toni Martina RE

Emma Mason

Trevor Price RE

Bryan Poole RE

Ali Stump

Will Taylor SGFA

Joe Winkelman PPRE, Hon.RWS

Circaidy Gregory Press  2012

ISBN 978-1-906451-6-7-7


New English Art Club

Annual Open Exhibition

30th November to 9th December 2012

The Mall Galleries, London

Will has had work selected for this year’s exhibition.

Rye Observer, Friday May 4 2012

Preview - Will Taylor, The Curlew, Bodiam

MICHELIN-starred restaurant The Curlew has unveiled the third collection in its resident artist series with works by Will Taylor, elected President of the Society of Graphic Fine Art in 2011.

The restaurant, based at Bodiam, is housing nine pieces of work from fine artist and printmaker Taylor: Induction Course, Fibonacci’s Rabbit, How To Eat An Elephant, Pythagoras, Calculus II, Quadratic, Universal Pig Formulae, The Vitruvian Hare and Leonardo’s Cow.

The images reflect the Rye-based artist’s traditional line techniques in etching, pen, charcoal and silverpoint, in work that contains a strong element of drawing.

The impressive portfolio of Taylor also includes stunning representations of animals, the botanical, famous figures, houses, buildings and landmarks, natural science and the natural landscape,

Mark Colley, owner of The Curlew, said “After the success of marina Kim and Fran Giffard’s exhibitions, we are proud to add Will’s work to The Curlew.

“We really feel Will’s images add something unique to dining at The Curlew.

“Not only are the work’s rural touch points clearly relevant, but also the incredible eye Will clearly has for his craft.

“You can easliy become lost looking at Will’s unique images; the minute details and accuracy are really quite extraordinary.”

It is the third time work has been supplied to the Curlew by the PURE Arts Group.

PURE Arts Group Director Lesley Samms said: “We know how fortunate we are to have such an incredible platform to show our artists’ work.

“We’re really pleased that Mark and Sara Colley are so committed to showing the incredible talent we have here in East Sussex.”


Masters in their Field

22 May - 12 July 2014

Wing Gallery

High Street

Wadhurst TN5 6AA

A new exhibition featuring the very best examples of different art disciplines, including:  oils by James Horton PRBA and Dani Humberstone SWA, Collographs and prints by Brenda Hartill RE and Frank Kiely RE, glassware by Peter Layton making, ceramics by Marie Prett, and many others.



30 May - 30 June 2014

West End House Gallery


Kent TN27 8QB

A three way exhibition of contemporary landscape watercolours, abstract oils and figurative printmaking, from:

  Cliff Howe

  Kaija Bulbrook

  Will Taylor


The Sketchbook Series

In India by Will Taylor SGFA

Motorbikes and lumbering cows, intricate arches and lake reflections, tangled cables, watchful locals, the flash of colour against earth tones — Will Taylor SGFA tries his hand at capturing the look and feel of India.



The Royal Society of British Artists

11th March to 21 March 2015

The Mall Galleries, London

Will has had work selected for this year’s exhibition.

New Book:

The Artful Hare

Alan Marshall

The Artful Hare almost certainly represents the biggest and most varied collection of hare images ever seen in print.  This beautifully produced book features more than 370 original artist’s prints from over 70 British printmakers.  With fascinating comment and supporting essays on hares and  the printmakers themselves, this is the follow up project to the 2013 title The Printmakers Cat.

It features Will Taylor and five of his hare images.

Mascot Media 2015

ISBN 978-0-992914-1-8


The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

8th June to 16 August 2015

The Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly, London W1J 0BD

Will has had work selected for this year’s exhibition.


The Royal Society of British Artists 2016

17th March to 2 April 2016

The Mall Galleries. London

Will has had work selected for this year’s exhibition.


The RA Summer Exhibition 2016

13 June to 21 August 2016

The Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly  London W1J 0BD

Will has been selected for the second year running.  The work is an etching “The Rape of the Rye Townswomen” and it can be found in Gallery VII.


The Royal Society of British Artists

22 March to 1 April 2017

The Mall Galleries London

Will has had further work selected for the prestigious RBA Annual Exhibition.



14 October to 5 November 2017

Rye Art Gallery

107 High Street  Rye

East Sussex  TN31 7JE

Opening times:

10:30am - 5pm Mon Sat

11am - 4pm Sun

Featuring a new collection of charcoal drawings, this is the first major solo exhibition since 2012. Over 25 new works, including favourite cows and sheep, as well as one or two encounters from travels in India and Africa.

There are some supporting etchings and animal sculptures by Celia Allen, all in the beautiful surroundings of Rye Art Gallery.  A catalogue is available.


National Original Print Exhibition 2017

20 September to 1 October 2017

Bankside Gallery

48 Hopton Street

London SE1 9JH

This is the annual open exhibition of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Previously selected in 2015, and in 2016 for the specialist Masters “Intaglio” exhibition, all the Bankside Gallery on  London’s South Bank, Will has had one of his Natural Sciences series selected for the 2017 exhibition.  “Mean Hippopotamus” can be seen featured on the exhibition invite (see left).

News  April 2018:

I am delighted to have been elected a member of The Royal Society of British Artists. I exhibited at this year’s annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in March 2018.  I look forward to many more exhibitions and events with this prestigious society.


The Art of the Printmaker

12 May to 10 June 2018

Rye Art Gallery

107 High Street  Rye

East Sussex  TN31 7JE

An informative, lively and seductive collection of works from leading contemporary British printmakers, working in a broad variety of techniques.

Contributors to the show include Norman Ackroyd RA, Nigel Oxley, Ian Brown and Dave McKean.


The RA Summer Exhibition 2018

12 June to 19 August 2018

The Royal Academy of Arts

Piccadilly  London W1J 0BD

This year the RA has selected an etching “The Retirement of the Chairman” and it can be found in the Print Room in the Sackler Wing.

Chris Orr’s introduction on the wall of the South Gallery notes:

“At the other end of the visual spectrum, one of Orr’s favourite works in the hang is The Retirement of the Chairman by Will Taylor. Inspired by Benjamin West, President of the Academy 1792 to 1805 and from 1806 to 1820, this contemporary work appears to hail from another era, through use of traditional printmaking techniques.”


Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

22 - 25 November 2018

Royal Arsenal, Woolwich

London SE18 6ST

I have had four pieces selected by a prestigious panel for this exciting show.

The Jackdaw  Nov/Dec 2018:

Will Taylor  Easel Words

This issue features an article on the Natural Sciences series.


National Original Print Exhibition

18 - 29 September 2019

Bankside Gallery  London SE1 9JH

I have had selected the first etching from my trip this year to Vietnam: “Building Supplies, Ho Chi Minh City”.


Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

7 - 10 November 2019

Royal Arsenal, Woolwich

London SE18 6ST

I am delighted to have a number of pieces selected for the next fair at this great venue.



16 November -21 December 2019

Rye Art Gallery

107 High Street  Rye

East Sussex  TN31 7JE

In one of the biggest exhibitions of the year for the gallery, Triptych will bring together three well established artists who are masters of their medium.  From the exquisite chiaroscuro oil paintings of Dani Humberstone, the playful figurative carnival sculptures of Marie Prett to the charismatic large scale charcoals of Will Taylor, this show will explore the diversity of art form.